13 January 2010

January Challenge #13:
Internet Resources

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The Internet is overflowing with useful info for game developers, useful info for everyone else, and info that's useful to no one. Today, I'm sharing some sites I've stumbled across that you might find useful.

Obligatory disclaimer: Unless I mention it specifically below, I do not endorse any products or services offered on these sites.


To roleplayers from the 1980s, it's old news when some religious or political leader tries to pin the world's woes on gaming and gamers. To younger folks, sometimes it's little surprising. Either way, it can be challenging to marshal a moderate response. Sites like these aggregate relevant news and provide tips for holding your own in a debate on the merits of gaming.

Game Politics
Video Game Voters Network
Commitee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games (CAR-PGa) - This site focuses on pen & paper roleplaying games, but the info provided is no less useful in the defense of video games.

Free Stuff

Looking for code libraries, graphics, audio, development tools, emulators, or just about anything else? Looks at these sites. Take note: A lot of these goodies are not in the public domain. There are actually limits to your license to use them. Some are freely usable in any non-commercial project but require a license fee for commercial use. Other may require only attribution. Still others have a viral license that requires that a project that incorporates them be release under the same license. Do your homework first!

Free Game Development Libraries
Game Creation Resources
Blender - I can't get over how many professional 3D artists have never heard of Blender. Then they claim that if it's free, it must be crap. This is only my opinion, but... Blender is better than anything Autodesk makes. Don't believe me? That's fine, but see for yourself.


If you're a professional, you owe it to yourself to check these out.

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association
Entertainment Software Association
International Game Developers Association
Serious Game Institute
Project Horseshoe
gamedevmap - Not an organization itself, but this site will help you find them.


Go, play, socialize, network, learn fun stuff, score swag.

DICE Summit
Game Design Expo
Game Developers Conference
Games Convention Online
Penny Arcade Expo


In this economy, we need all the help we can get.

Game Career Guide
Game Jobs

All-In-One Sites

These sites cover so much territory, that they're impossible to categorize (even though I just did).

Gamasutra - Don't know about Gamasutra? Shame on you. Click. Now!

That's all for tonight. Later this month, I'll give up URLs for some industry luminaries.

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