04 October 2009

Oh Joy Another Blogger XP

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You know, I've tried this blogging thing before, so you'd think I'd know better. I sit down to make a blog entry, and my mind goes blank. No ideas, no inspiration, no words. I type in something retarded and hit submit. Maybe I do this a couple more times before giving up. But then while reading another blog or article or whatever, I hit the comments section and leave 4-5 paragraphs of relevant commentary. Or perhaps I skip it because I'm reading a piece from 2-3 weeks ago and no one is reading that post anymore. Plus, while reading various books I find I have plenty of things to say on the topic, but no appropriate forum for it. OK, maybe I do have a blog in me somewhere.

So here's the plan: Continue to read widely online and offline, but instead of posting directly on the other page, post it here with a link back to the original discussion. I'll need a theme, but that's easy. I read mostly about game design, game programming, game development, and game studies. Anyone else see a theme emerging? Not that I think I'll stay completely on topic, but it makes a good starting framework. The important point is to NOT sit down and try to force out a blog post. Down that road lies ennui and writer's block. The goal is to post as inspiration strikes, not to hope that inspiration strikes while posting.

So here goes my latest attempt to join the blogosphere. I'd ask you to wish me luck, but there's already an overabundance of wannabe bloggers, so that might not be in your best interest.

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